How To Earn Money From Food Blogging in 2022

As you know, blogging is one of the best earning platform in 2022. According to Wikipedia, more than 600 million Blogs are there on Google. You can just imagine YouTube has too much craze same like that blog have also their own craze.

There are many people who become Millionaire Through Blogging. Most of my friends doing blogging on different categories and they earn good amount of money too. Some Blogger earn more money than YouTuber. Everyone have their own category.


Hello and wassup buddy, it’s the age of 2022. Nowadays, everyone wants to earn money through different platform like some people earn through YouTube, some people earn through website, some people earn through Instagram, Some People Earn Through Facebook. And if you don’t know how to earn Money From Food Blogging then read This article carefully.

food Blogging demands Are high but it have less quantity. Every Category have high demand and competition but food blogging have high demand and low competition. You can easily start your blog in food category.

How To Write Article On Food Blogging ?

It’s simple to write Blog about Food. You can write article on any recipe. You can start your blog with blogspot also. If you are interested to Write article on Food or recipe then it is very easy to rank your website and it’s easy to earn money from Food Blogging.

In 2022, there are millions of kitchen Channel but there are less website on food Blogging. Most of the people are interested to Read article rather than Watching video. You can add some photo and receipe ingredients etc.

Which Age is best for Food Blogging ?

There is no age limit to start anything. It doesn’t mean you are under 18 or more than 30 years. It’s all depends upon your patience and consistency. If you are interested to do food blogging you can just start in any age. It’s easy to rank website in Food Blogging. Food Blogging have high Craze but it’s have low competition.

Even A 19 years old girl run a YouTube channel and she earn good amount of money. And a woman which age is about 50+ but she run YouTube channel alone and she run good amount of money. So there is no any age limit in anything. It’s all depends upon your passion Skills and interest.

Can We Earn Money From Food Blogging ?

There is no doubt that can you Earn From food blogging. There is a bright Future Of Food Blogging. People are earning Million of dollars from YouTube through their food blog Channel. You can start your food cooking channel or even you can Start your food blog Also.

You don’t need anything. If you don’t have money then you can Start with blogger but if you have money to buy Hosting And domain then you can start your blogging journey on food category. Lots of people are earn good amount of money even some are earning Million Of Dollars From Food Blogging Per Year.

It is Hard to earn from Food Blogging ?

Bro, we all are well known about nothing is impossible. If you want to achieve fan following and earn money then you have to work for it. earn money from food blogging not so hard not so easy. is it’s all depends upon you if you work hard you can Earn good amount of money but if you can’t work you can’t earn.

i have seen that many people are start YouTube channel and website they post 2/3 videos and they just give up. If you want to achieve something then you don’t have to Give up. You have to work for it.

What Is Needed For Food Blogging ?

There is nothing needed to earn From food blogging. Blogging is like Sharing your Skill, knowledge and thoughts through article. If you have passion to write article on food recipe then you can start your blog.

We don’t need anything you need only one thing that is a smartphone. You can make thumbnail, capture photo with Mobile. If people have passion then they never give up they will work non stop without bored and without think.

Ways To Earn Money From Food Blogging

There are lots of ways to earn money from food blogging. Everything is hard in beginning but once your website monetized you can generate good amount of money from food blogging. Some ways which we will discuss below. There are 4 points which we will learn today

1. Adsense

When we start our food blog. We have to write some article and send it for approval. When you got approval you have to add your adsense account.

when any visitors visited or enter in your website. Your income will increase day by day in adsense account. You can withdraw that money in your bank account easily.

2. Sponsorship

It is one of the best way to earn money from blogging. Lot’s of YouTuber and blogger earn good amount of money. They charge more for sponsorship. When your Blog got good amount of visitors you can Charge more $ for 1 sponsorship and it is the second most best ways to earn money from food blogging.

3. Sell Your Recipe

If you are Good in food making then you can make video of some special recipe which is not available on YouTube. You can sell your recipe course. It will Give you good amount of money from selling your recipe Among people.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Lot’s of YouTuber and Blogger are earn good amount of money from affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing means promoting any products online. When you put any promotion link or affiliate link in your blog/ article then you can charge good amount of money for 1 affiliate marketing.

Even you can Get some commssion also according to the company identity. If someone buy any products through your Link then you’ll get some % of commssion from the company.


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