how to increase tiktok followers with social follow app

Hello and what’s up Guys, in this article I’ll tell you one of the best website from where you can easily increase your tiktok followers from that application. It’s totally free and easy to use application.

This application have more than 100k+ download and more than 4.5 Rating. Those article which I’ll told you in this post it is one of the best application of 2022. It’s not an old application it’s a new application but it’s download are increasing very fastly. We can use this application to increase our TikTok followers and Likes.

Personally, i also use this website from last 5 months and this is the Best application i have ever seen. Nowadays there are very app which helps to increase tiktok followers and it is also one of them.

I know many people have desire to know about this application about it’s status, rating, it’s download, it’s real or fake, it’s hard or easy and many more things. So, in this article I’ll clear all your doubt. I’ll guide you step by step through this article. So let’s start the article.

what is social follow app ?

Social Follow is one of the application from where we can Increase or boost our TikTok followers free. We can use this app without any work. We can increase tiktok followers free with this application.

It is one of the best and most popular website of 2022 for increasing tiktok followers. It is free app and we can use it free to increase our social media followers. Its application provides on TikTok followers and likes.

It is purely free application for increasing tiktok followers. We don’t have to invest any money or we don’t have to work on it but it have some work to increase followers. What the work everything I’ll tell you first let’s know about another question.

possible to increase followers without work ?

Social Follow is approximately 10 mb weight. We can download this application from playstore & app store. It is easy to use and it’s easy to increase tiktok followers free. It’s a real and we can easily find this application in playstore.

We can increase our TikTok followers through this app without any work and you don’t have to pay any Money for it. We can increase tiktok followers free and it’s free to use also.

it is real or fake app ?

It’s 100% real application. It’s easy to use and it provides real followers. We can increase tiktok followers without login and without any work. We have to increase some Points to increase followers.

We have to increase some coin. We can increase coin by watching ads or follow someone Instagram or tiktok followers. If you watch ads you’ll get 100 coins.

How to use this app ?

After understanding this much things. Now let’s talk about how to use this app. Actually, it’s very easy to use and we can use this application from any devices either it is Android or iOS. You can use any Devices to use this application.

i. Open the app

First of all, you should have to download this application. I’ll provide the link of this application after few minutes. So first understand how to use this app. After download the application you have to open this application and after open it you’ll get Lots of options.

ii. Create An Account

In first section, you’ll get sign in option and just below in down you’ll get an option of don’t have an account. So simply you have to click on it and after click on it.You should have to add any real or fake Gmail and choose a strong password in both section.

After putting Gmail and password there is an option of Create Account. So simply, you have to click on it.

iii. Review the app

After creating an account you’ll get an option of review the app. Listen carefully, you don’t have t review the app because you’ll get nothing from this. So you have to click on no thank you.

iv. Earn Coin

Now the main things you have to do is you have to earn some coins for increasing followers. According to this application, you have to collect atleast 1000 coins for 1 day Promotion but don’t worry you can increase in 1 minute.

You’ll get 2 option in top. There are two accounts that you have to visit that account. Simply you have to click on that account and simply you have to back on the app. Then your coins will be increased.

v. Free Coin

Now if you want to earn 100 coins in 1 second then do this work. In below section, you’ll get an option of store simply click on it And after click on it. You’ll see Lots of options like watch ad, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. You just have to click on it and simply come back on app.

Then you’ll see your coins are increasing by 100. So you have to watch ads 7 times which give you 700 coins and if you click on Instagram TikTok and YouTube one time it will give you 300 coins then your Total coins will be 1000 easily.

vi. Promote Your Account

Now how to increase followers. Just below you’ll get an option of promote my profile so simply click on it.

vii. Add Username

You should have to add your real tiktok username and one video url. For this you have to go on your TikTok account and copy the url of any video and simply you have to paste on it. And after putting the username and link there is an option of promote now – 1000 just you have to click on it.

viii. Order Completed

After doing this much work. You’ll get an option that you account is promoted and your account will show after few minutes in promotion section. You have to wait few minutes to get that followers.

Download Link

Now let’s talk about how to download this application. Just below you can see there is a timer of 20 second. So you have to wait atleast 20 second for download link.

Download Now

After waiting 20 second you’ll get an option of download now. Simply have to click on that button and after click on it You have to download the application and you can also use this application easily.


Thank you for reading this article and thanks for your time to read this article. If you have any questions or problems regarding this article then please drop your feedback or problem in comment section. I’ll solve your problem and reply you as soon as possible.

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