How To Increase TikTok Followers With TikToly | Full Guide

The rapid growth of TikTok Users are increasing day by day. The total download of TikTok is more than 3 billion. TikTok is one of the application which have more active audience. TikTok Users are more active than others social media users.

Everyone want to increase tiktok followers and likes but they don’t know how hard it is. But if you use this application to increase followers then you can easily increase your tiktok followers but you should have to do some tasks.


Tiktoly App is a third-party application which is designed to increase huge number of TikTok followers likes and views. This application provide us free and organic followers and likes.

Therefore, if you are searching an application for increasing your followers on TikTok then read this article carefully you’ll definitely increase your tiktok followers.

With this application, you can increase approx. 30 to 5000 followers, You have to do some tasks for increasing tiktok followers. But the work is easy.

Therefore, we recommend you to use this application at your own risk, and it is in your hands whether you want to increase your Instagram followers and likes. Because there is chance of lose your TikTok account so always login your fake account.

Is TikToly Free

Yes it’s 100% free application. We can use this application free to increase followers on TikTok. We can increase tiktok followers without any investment. We use this application free but we have to add some coins for increasing tiktok followers and likes.

Benefits Of TikToly

Despite being free, TikToly is one of the best and free TikTok followers service provider application. Some of the benefits are pointed below.

More Likes And Followers: You can increase free TikTok followers and likes through this application. It’s very easy to use and we can increase unlimited TikTok followers.

It Is Free To Use : beside everything, this application is free and easy to use. You don’t have to paid any money or you don’t have to do any task for gaining TikTok followers and likes.

It Is Extremely Safe For Use: this application is worked on safety privacy interface. It is safe because you don’t have to put any payments option. But you have to add your fake account.

Is TikToly Safe

Yes. You can use this Application free as well it is safe. Because this application is made with top-notch security features which is designed to keep better security for the users.

However, being a third-party application, TikToly Application is safe and there is chance to lose your Login TikTok account. That’s why you have to login your fake account.

How To Use This Website ?

Now let’s talk about the application. First of all you should have to download this application. And i know many have one question that is how to get the link of that website. But Don’t worry. According to my suggestion, first read and understand about this application then I’ll give you the link of this application.


When you Click On The Link you’ll redirect on another website then you’ll see an option of download. Simply you have to click on it then you have to download the application.


After download the application, you have to open this application. Then you’ll get an option of sign in with google. simply have to click on it and you have to click on skip option. Then, you’ll see your Gmail and you have to choose any Gmail from your device.


When you enter in this application your coin will be 0. You have to earn more Coins. You will see there is an option of earn Coins simply have to click on it.


You have to click on unlimited Coins then you’ll get an option of link tiktok account.


You’ll see an option of code simply you have to copy that code then there is an option of activate just clicked on it and click on existing account after that


you have to add your any fake TikTok account. Then the code which you copy simply you have to put that code and Click on activate then your TikTok account will be activated on this application.


After activated the account, you have to do some Works. Like if yiu follow someone you’ll get 2 coins if you like someone video you’ll get 1 coin. You have to collect atleast 100 coins.


Let’s talk about, how to increase tiktok followers. for increasing tiktok followers simply you have to click on 3 line then you’ll get many options like get followers and likes. If you want like click on like but if you want followers click on get followers.


Now you have to decide on which account you want to increase followers. Like I’ll put my username and simply you have to click on search and choose your TikTok account.


Now you must have to decide how much followers you want to increase. You can increase 30 followers to 5000 Followers from this application. After choosing followers option you have to click on place order.

Download Application

After doing all these things. Now let’s talk about how to download this Application. Just Below, You will see a timer of 20 seconds so you should have to wait atleast 20 second.

Download Now

After waiting 20 seconds you will see a option of DOWNLOAD NOW button. so, simply you have to click on download now and after clicked on it then you will redirect on the new website.


Thanks for reading this article. It is One of the best application for increasing tiktok followers likes And comments. if you have any questions regarding this article please drop your comment in comment section.

Therefore, we recommend you to use this application at your own risk, and it is in your hands whether you want to increase your Instagram followers and likes. Because there is chance to lose your TikTok account that’s why always login your fake account.

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