3 Best Blogging Platform In 2022 | Pros & Cons

Are you also confused to find best blogging Platforms in 2022. If yes then read this article.

Blogging is one of the best platform where people share their knowledge, skill and thoughts with the help of article. According to the report of 2021, There are more than600 million plus blogs in this world. You can just imagine how will be the craze of Blog in future. I think after 2025 there will be 1 billions blogs in this world.

In this article I’ll tell you some best blogging Platforms where you can start your blogging journey easily. There are lots of platform and ways to start blog. But in this article I’ll tell you 3 Most famous and easy ro use blogging Platforms. So let’s start the article.

How to choose best blogging Platform

Before develop or open any website you have to get something like domain & hosting. But in this article we’ll talk about the best platform where we can start our blogging journey.

Before that you have to know that what type of blog you want to make like personal blog, article blog or business blog. You have to decide what types of blog you want to make.

If you are interested to Write article on any topics then you can easily get success on blog. But if you have not any idea or you are not interested in writing article then you can’t get success easily.

When you decide to start blogging you have to go with premium and good web hosting which have good backup space, services etc. If you start your Blog with wrong or bad platform them it will make you problem in future.

Best Blogging Platforms In 2022

We already talk about the blogging benefits. And now we’ll talk about the best blogging Platforms fro our new begging on blogging area. So without wasting time let’s get in.

1. WordPress.Com

It is one of the famous platform where there are millions of blog or website exist. Almost, there are 30% of website are on WordPress.org millions of people start their blog with this platform because of it’s many benefits and it’s interface.

WordPress is a blogging Platforms which is easy to use and its make a website within a minute. We can use this platform to start our blogging journey. It is easy to use and it have many benefits. Some pros and cons of WordPress.org are described below.

If you want to work long lasting in blogging area then WordPress will be the best option for you. To start your blogging journey. Some pros and cons of WordPress.


• it’s total is control in your hand.

• it give you many feature to do SEO of your blog and it’s provide free plugin and theme.

• you can choose many themes freely according to your interest snd your blog category.

• there are more than 54,000 plugin available on WordPress which is totally free for trail

• wordpress.com it’s an seo optimization platform where you can easily make seo of your blog post which help to rank your post in google


• it’s necessary that how to build an website under WordPress

• backup and security for your blog is your own responsibly


You can afford it’s domain and website after the spend of 30 to 35$. You can get 1 year service of domain and hosting under 30 to 35$.

2. Blogger

Blogger is one of the best blogging platform where you can start your blogging journey without any cost. Bloggers totally free you don’t have to pay any money. If you don’t know blogger is the product of Google and you can just imagine those things which is provided by Google is fully secure and the security will also be provided by Google.

Blogger is a free blogging platform where we can start our blogging journey without any investment. Blogger was acquired by Google in Feb 2003. It is a similar platform like YouTube the difference is only one that is YouTube is video platform and blogger is article platform or written platform. It is one of the oldest best blogging platforms for free.


• it provides Free SSL for your website

• it provides Free web hosting for your website

• it have User-Friendly interface.

• it is very Easy to integrate the Google services

• it have Free unlimited storage of websites

• it is one of the Faster website indexing in google

• it’s Easy to do set up and get started


• You don’t own the blog

• it have Bad domain and URL structure

• it’s very Difficult to build backlinks and authority in blogger

• very Difficult in uploading other media files.

• it is Difficult to monetize your blog in blogger


It’s totally free blogging Platforms. You don’t have to pay any cost for this platform.

3. Gator By HostGator

It is also one of the best blogging Platforms. It have lot’s of benefit that why it have millions of users. We can easily use this platform. We’ll talk about everything about this platform it’s pro & cons too. There are some benefits that’s why we have to use this platform.It is one of the best platform to make your website. It’s easy to use and easy to setup.


• we’ll get Technical support 24/7/365 via phone, Chat and email

• we’ll get 99.9% guaranteed operability

• it provides 30-day Warranty or refund of your money

• it provides you 4500 Free web site templates

• it provides weekly automatic backups

• Provides a support portal with help articles and tutorials


• it’s Performance is inconsistent and a little low

• more chance of site falls

• it’s performance is also too good

• its package don’t include more service

• it’s good to use but it’s have much good service


If you want to start from hostgator you have to paid 3.85$ per month where you’ll get domain, ssl, web hosting, etc.


Thanks for reading this article. Hope you like this article. If you have any questions regarding this article then please drop comment in comment section. I’ll reply as soon as possible. Thanks for reading this article.

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