7 ways to get more likes on Instagram reels

Nowadays, People are getting addicted to the short video platform which video duration are less than 60 seconds. That’s why TikTok also going popular day by day. Nowadays, Short video have a great audience. People’s retantion to watching a Long video is decreasing day by day.

After Banning the TikTok in different Countries. Instagram launched a short video platform, which is built by Instagram ownself called “Instagram Reels.” You can use this feature like a TikTok all the music, song, filter and effect you will get like TikTok.

Instagram Reels provides you all the features of TikTok like Video, filter, effect, customization etc. You can use Instagram reels and take feels like TikTok.

Lot’s of people are confused and they commenting that bro it’s hard to use Instagram reels. Then the answer is Big NO, according to 2021 Report, Instagram has more than 1 billion user, so you can easily make your video viral and you can easily get good amount views and more likes on your reels video.

In today’s article, we will told you 7 steps or tips to get more likes and followers on Reels with Proof. If you also want to know how to make your Instagram reel viral then read this article seriously because these 7 tips will definitely help you to increase your reels followers, likes.

1. Produce Good content

The main things is always produce good things. If you want to achieve something you have to produce quality over quantity. If you produce good quality of video you Will definitely grow your reels.

If we talk about some big Reels creator then you can check Their video. They produces good content and full hd quality video that’s why they always get more likes. So if you also want to get more likes, more engagement then create good content. Try to make quality video rather than quantity.

If you are totally Beginners and your video are not getting viral then read the Point Number 2. This points will help you get real followers and likes on your Instagram reels.

2. Collaborate With Other Reels Creator

It is one of the best and easy way to get Likes and make your reels viral. Collaboration in simple language, collaboration means to create video with other’s Creator and it will help you both to get more likes and engagement on your reels.

If you have less followers but the person you know another person who have more followers then you can make video with him. This technique is really works 100% on reels or tiktok.

If you knew any videos or reels creator then you can make collaboration video with them to get more engagement and more likes on your Instagram Reels. Even you can mention the Creator also.

3. Use Trending Hashtags

Every social media have hashtags option and this special features definitely help to increase your video reach and engagement.

So if you use trending hashtags, then there is more chance to make your video viral. Different Hashtags Trend on different days. You can use hastag and you can get good engagement.

actually how hastags work, if your video category is related to health you can use health hastags. If your video is related to comedy you can Funny or comedy related hashtags.If you make video on reels then try to use hashtags on every reels video.

4. Reels Uploading Time

Everyone have doubt in their mind related to which is the best time to upload video on Instagram reels. But now your doubt will be cleared.

According to me, there is no any fix time to get your video or content Viral. Id you content is good Definitely Instagram’s Reels algorithm push your video among people. But, if your video quality is not good then no time will help you.

But atleast you have to fix a date and time like in which time you want to upload your video which helps to give you consistency. Social Media doesn’t depends your Time you can make any videos Viral if your content is good.

5. Always Follow Trend

Almost every time something is trending on different platform, it may be a challenge or clips or any contest. Trending topics can make your video viral within an hour. Because trending topics demand are high. In this time, trending topics demand are high but the quantity is low. That’s why trending topics got viral in few hours.

If you want to get more likes and engagement on your Reels’ video, then try to find which topic is trending on the reels nowadays. If you got any ideas or any topic which is in trending then try to make video as soon as possible because there is high chance to make your video viral.

6. Tag others People

If you are a beginner, and you want more engagement and good views likes on your reels video then this feature definitely help you to get more likes on your video.

For example, if you make a video on filmy dialogue and you mentioned that actor which make the film. Then there is more chance to get more views on your video. And it have a high chance to get your video viral.

7. Always Be Creative

We already talk about 6 tips. If you have still problem how to get likes on Instagram Reels. Then understand the last point no. 7 before posting any videos on social media you have to be creative. People are just make unwanted videos and they just published the video which decrease the video engagement and reach.

There are many free website which provides free reels video like and views. Id you use that website to increase your reels like and views then there is more chance to be freeze your Instagram account. So According to my opinion, never use this free website which provides paid services. Always believe on yourself and create good video with high quality content.


Thanks for reading this article. Hope you definitely like this article. If you are beginner and you don’t know how to get more Likes and make your reels video viral then read this article twice and thrice. People are commenting to give some real ideas to get more likes on Instagram reels. Hope, your answer is clear now.

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