How To Buy Web Hosting From Hostinger In 2022 | Step By Step Guide

Hello guys, in this article we’ll talk about how to buy hosting from hostinger. If you also want to buy hosting and start your first blogging journey then read this article seriously. In this article I’ll tell you all the things about what is hosting ?, How to buy hosting and which company provide best hosting etc. So if you also want to learn these all things then read this article. So let’s start the article from beginning.

What is web hosting ?

May be you already know about what is web hosting but if you want to know in details about web hosting then let’s know you. Web hosting is a storage place where we can collect or store our data of domain or website. For example, we all have a Smart phone and we know that in our smart phone there us storage called RAM or phone memory. Same like that web hosting is the storing place of domain or whole website. We can buy Hosting From many hosting providers company. If you want to keep or exists your website on Google you have to need a web hosting. Lot’s of people called it hosting but it’s actually web hosting. We can store our data and we can fix or run a website through web hosting. Now, let’s talk about how hosting or web hosting works.

How Web Hosting Work ?

There are millions of web hosting provider company in this world. According to me, every country have more than thousands of web hosting provider company. Web Hosting provide store the data of your website. It help you to keep you website data Safe and with security. Lots of people have doubt that how to buy hosting or how it works. Web hosting provide to maintain your website. If you buy Hosting once you don’t have to worry that how to manage it. Company’s itself manage your website.

But if you buy Hosting you have to paid some Money. Web Hosting helps to store data, Image, video in html Formate. Actually, how web hosting works? So in simple language, web hosting is the storage of data. It have also limited space. You can buy storage capacity hosting According to your money. more Storage capacity web hosting have more price and less storage capacity have less Money. You have to decide how much can you afford.

Types Of Web Hosting

There are different of types of web hosting. When we create a website we have to buy according to your Budget. Hosting works on their different Types. But according to my view there are 4 Types of web hosting and they are :

i. Shared

ii. Dedicated

iii. VPS

iv. Cloud

How To Buy Hosting From Hostinger ?

It’s very easy to buy hosting from the hostinger. There are some steps that you have to follow before buying web hosting. One Things i like this website is you don’t have create account First. First you have to choose what you want to buy like hosting or Domain then only you have to create account. Buying a hosting is not a big Things it’s easy to buy. You can easily buy hosting from different websites. But in this article i will suggest you to buy hosting from hostinger. So if you also want to know how to buy hosting from hostinger then follow some basic steps.

1. Go To hostinger Website

For going in hostinger, you have to search Hostinger on any browser like Google, chrome or Safari browser then you have to click on that website which domain have .com and after clicked on it you will get lots of options.

2. Choose Web Hosting Plan

When you enter in Hostinger website you have to scroll down little bit then you will get an option of “Choose your web hosting” then you Will get an option of web hosting plan.

single web hosting(1$/mo)

Premium web hosting(2$/mo)

Business web hosting(3$/mo)

Single web hosting is mainly used to run personal blog or single blog. Premium web hosting is used to run medium size blog or website. Business web hosting is mainly used for run the commerical website or big website.If you want to run only on website with the hosting then you can go with single web hosting. But if you want to run your business or you want to run many website on one Hosting then my Suggestion will be Go for premium web hosting. If you have a company domain or big business platform then you can buy business web hosting.

3. Choose Duration

When you choose a web hosting then you have to choose hosting plan. Then, you will see an option of choose duration and you’ll get new page. Now, you have to select duration of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. You can choose according to your Budget or use. Or if you want to test Hostinger service then you can choose the duration for 1 month. After choosing the duration you’ll get an option of checkout. Simply, you have to click on Checkout option and after click on it you can easily buy the web hosting.

4. Sign Up

After buying the hosting you have to sign up Your account or you have to create an account in this website. If you want to create account then You can Create an account with the help of Facebook, google, Gmail and github. According to my suggestion always make account with Gmail. You can direct mail to the hostinger when you have any problem or queries.

5. Thank You

When you make your account and then you click on Checkout you will see there is an option of thank you. It means Your order has been successfully completed and now you can use your hosting on your website.


Hope you read this article. If you read this article seriously then I think you learned something definitely. If you understand the points or Steps which i described then definitely you can also buy Hosting From Hostinger easily. If you want to know the algorithm of Tiktok then click on blue Text to read the algorithm.THANKS for reading this article.

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