What Is Blogging ? How To Do Blogging Free | Full Guide

Hello and wassup guys, in this article we’ll talk about the field of blogging. Lot’s of beginners are commenting want to know about blogging like what is blogging? , How to do blogging, how blogging works, etc. So guys in this article I’ll help you to know everything about blogging.


According to the report of 2020 there were 31.7 million active bloggers in this world. There were 12,079,400 active bloggers in the year 2020. Over 3.5 billion searches on Google every day, and estimated that 77% of internet users read and interact with the blogs. Lot’s of people are confused or they don’t know what is blogging or how it works. And if you also want to know blogging then read this article seriously. So let’s start the article.

What Is Blog?

Blog is a place or platform where we can write our thoughts and our view on any topic. We can write an article on any platform. We can share our thoughts and some ideas on any topic. Blog is the platform where we can easily post an article on any topic. We can write article like essay on your interested topic.

Blog is like a website where we can write an article or an essay. You already visited lots of website like Amazon, Flipkart, udemy, w3school, etc. Same, that website is also called blog. We can earn good amount of money from the blog if we can rank our blog among people.

May be You are confused that what do you mean by blog or who is called blogger or how to earn from blogging. Lets know how to Start Blog and earn with blog . So lets Start the article and clear your doubt. You will get 5 website where you can start your blogging journey totally free.

Who is Blogger ?

We already talk about what is Blog and now we will know that who is blogger ? Blogger is those person who write any note or article on any website. Those person who write an article on any topics then we called them blogger. Personally become a blogger is not a Small things. Before becoming a blogger you have to gain experience or knowledge about blogging.

What Is Blogging ?

Now, you already know about what is blog and who id blogger. Noe let’s talk about what is blogging ?

Blogging is a platform where you can share Your knowledge and thoughts among the people through online. Suppose, if you are on any website and you write article daily means. You are doing blogging. Start with small you could be pro after the experience you gain.

How To Do Blogging Free ?

Lots of people have questions if we can earn money From blogging then we have to pay for it ? Then the answer is Big NO. blogging is totally free its doesn’t need your money it need only your Skills. Some website where you can start your blogging journey free without any investment.

1. Blogger.com

blogger is also one of the best platform where you can start your blogging journey. You can Start blogging free from Blogger. You don’t need to buy any domain or hosting to start blogging. You can start with free Domain which is provided by googl and that us blogspot.com you don’t have to paid anyone to buy any domain you can just start with blogger.com. for starting the website yoh have to search blogger.com on Google then you will get an option of sign in just click on it and choose your Domain name with blogspot.com.

Blogger don’t have more features. Blogger have limited theme and there is no plugin fro SEO. You can use blogger free this Much.

2. WordPress.com

It’s also totally free website where you can start your blogging journey. You don’t have to do anything juts you have to buy a domain at the cost of 8$ to 11$. After buying the domain from any website. You can juts linked that domain in your WordPress account. Then, you can Start your blogging journey easily.

If you use WordPress then you will get unlimited themes, customization plugin, SEO plugins etc. If you enter first time in this website you can use everything freely Because you don’t have to paid for anything. You can use every plugin, theme free.

3. Tumblr.com

It’s also one of the free website where you can start your blogging journey totally free. With the help of this website you can share your knowledge Among people through article.

4. Wibly.com

This is also one of the free website where you can Share your thoughts and knowledge Among people. You will get drag and drop option on this website.

5. Medium.com

It is also one of the free website you can start your blogging journey free. It is the website where million of people are starting their journey through this website.


Thanks for reading this article. Hope you like this article and if you have any questions regarding this article then please give your feedback in comment section.

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