How To Get First 1000 Subscribers On YouTube in 2022

Lots of people are commenting that how to get first 1000 subscribers on YouTube. When we are new on YouTube we start sharing our video among friends, college friends, relative etc. So, in this article I’ll tell you that what are the disadvantage of sharing your video. If you also want to know that why we should never share our video the please read this article seriously.


When you create a new YouTube channel you want to Grow and grow very fast. but when your channel is new definitely there is 0 Subscriber but in this condition we don’t know how to increase our views or how to rank the videos and in this situation.

we only thinking about sharing your video among friends and relatives and so on. i know by sharing your video will give you some views but I don’t know your channel will be grow or not but I’m 100% sure that your channel Will be dead So never share your video.But lots of YouTuber tell that sharing your video help you to grow and reach the video yeah it’s right but only those YouTuber tell you this things who have 0 Knowledge about YouTube algorithm But sharing your videos are the last things you have to do.

So in this article we’ll talk about why we should never share the video. There are Lots of benefit and lots of disadvantage of sharing video. If it is benefits then it gives you views but if it have disadvantage then it make your channel dead. Some best 3 points are described below that why you don’t have to Share your video

1. Fake Believe

according to Human Psychology, we human believe fake news faster than the true news like that our mind is also working same on YouTube supposed if i tell you I’ll give you 1000 subscriber free then you’ll be ready for that but you never think that what type of subscriber i ll give you real or fake.

Like that, when we are new on YouTube, we make a good video how much we can? And when we upload it i know it’s very hard to get views and in that condition we start sharing our videos but dear please never share your video. But if we not share the video then how we get some views or intial boost ? Yeah you are right but don’t worry I’ll tell you that in few minutes wait for that

Sharing your videos Make your channel dead and we share the video because we believe on that people where we send the video link but may be they are not interested on your video. Ok wait suppose, your video is about technology but you shared the link with those people who are interested in Comedy then think will they watch your video full..

I think BIG NO.. so it’s decrease your audience retantion and according to YouTube algorithm CTR and Audience Retantion is the main factor to make your video viral. In simple language more audience retantion = getting more Views. People have Many questions that how we get more views or more audience retantion.

So sharing your video down the impression of your videos like that let’s talk about the main points that is point number 2 i.e. the algorithm.

2. The Algorithm

Okay according to YouTube algorithm there are many factor you should have to know about it but I can’t tell all these factor but I’ll upload full video on this but the main two filter you should have to know about that is CTR and watch time.

I. CTR : CTR is the full form of Click Through Rate. Ctr simply means how much percent is people click on your video. Suppose if YouTube recommend your video among 1000 people but out of 1000 only 100 people are clicked on video then your CTR are will be 10%

II. WATCH TIME : means How much percentage of people watch your video out of 100%. Suppose, if your video is 10 minutes long and out of the video people watch only 5 minutes then your audience retantion will be 50%.

But if you share your video it make your channel dead but brother sharing the video is getting more views. Yeah, I know getting more views = more growth + more earning. But if your subscriber is not real what is it’s benefits nothing. So you have to grab the real audience and organic subscriber who help you to make your video viral or help to get more views.

But the link you shared to them they don’t know about watch time, cpm, CPC, rpm and many more.guys, loys of people are still confused that how we get first 1000 subscribers on YouTube. It too easy to know if you want to understand then read this article twice and thrice please. And this condition You Have To Know About Point Number 3

3. Potential Audience

Now let’s talk something about potential audience in simple longest potential audience is just equal to your meteor video is made for those people who want your video

For example, if you related to Minecraft what do you serve your video to those people who sells is around 50 years old to 60 years old then think will he or them thing will they watch your video full then the answer is Big No because they always may be interested in comedy or any funny video or any news video but you said Minecraft video to those people who are not interested in your video so first of all you should have to find your potential audience. You should always find your potential audience who is interested in your video.

You can easily search your potential audience with the help of Instagram or Facebook.But How can I find the potential audience who watch my video. Don’t worry In next article we will talk about how to find potential audience which are interested in your Category.


Thanks for reading this article. hope this article Will definitely help you. If you have any question regarding this article then please drop a comment in comment section.

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