How TikTok Algorithm Works In 2022

If you can understand how tiktok algorithm works then, you can easily boost or push your video in for you page it is one of that place where if your video show then there is more chance that your video got viral. Nowadays, TikTok have more than 1 billion users. As you know, TikTok is the most visited social media platform in 2021. TikTok is most watched content application on social media. People are engaging more on TikTok rather than YouTube or other socal media. In 2022, TikTok have More than 3 billion+ download.


As you know YouTube have more than 2 billion active users among 10 billion download but TikTok have more than 1 billion active users among 3 billion download. And you can see the difference which platform have more active users. A fact about TikTok that “18% Of All Internet Users Use TikTok in this world” .

Many people are commenting on my video that please write an article or make a video on ” hoe TikTok algorithm works in 2022″ If you don’t know how TikTok algorithm works and you want to know it’s algorithm them read this article seriously. I promise you that you’ll get 100% legit and Researched Content about TikTok algorithm. So without wasting your time let’s start the article.

What Is TikTok Algorithm ?

The TikTok algorithm is a process like recommendation system that determines that which videos will appear/show on your For You page.

TikTok algorithm works on different factor like videos quality, video music, video sounds, video effect,etc. TikTok algorithm works actually on engagement of video. We’ll talk about this in details. TikTok algorithm or any social media platform algorithm Works same like more audience retantion = more views or more engagement.

“A videos works on your interests, and on your think making it easy to find the content ” if you are interested in unboxing and if you watched more videos related to unboxing on TikTok then tiktok algorithm show only that videos which is related to unboxing. If you watched more videos related to comedy then TikTok algorithm show you comedy videos more.

How TikTok Algorithm Works ?

TikTok algorithm or any social media algorithm works on various things but in the case of TikTok it always works on two factors i.e. Audience Retantion and Sound. Many popular creators like khaby lame, Charlie demalio and many more creator’s video got 100 million to 500 million views. But how it is possible ? It’s simple these creator know that how TikTok algorithm works and they have a good audience which help them to make their video viral.

Guys, in this article we’ll Learn about some points that how TikTok algorithm works. Those points are described below :

• what type of account you follow

• Creators you Liked their video

• caption you’ve posted on video

• Videos you’ve liked or shared most on the app

• those videos which you’ve added to your favorites

• how much your video watched in percentage (audience retantion)

• Content which is created by your ownself.

• how much wait on your video

• how much people watched your video full.

Video Information

Before posting The videos on TikTok you should have to do proper SEO of that video. You don’t have to do more setting some simple setting that you have to do before posting the video. Some things that you have to include in caption of your video.

You have to include this Things in your video :

i. Captions

ii. Sounds

iii. Hashtags

iv. Effects

v. Trending topics

How TikTok Video Works ?

According to my research, every video platform have 3 things intro, discussion and outro. In simple language, intro means The beginning part of video. Discussion means the Middle part of the video and outro means the last part of video.

For Youtube, your intro is the first 15 to 30 second. If you can make your intro too much Good and Better then no one can skip your video. So your First 15 to second should grab the viewer audience without any skip.

For Tiktok, you may upload 60 second video. According to TikTok algorithm, your first 5 second should me more catchy and grab the audience retantion. If you can put your viewers 5 second on your video then your video perform good engagement.

Write A Catchy Caption

Lots of people make video and they just published the video. But, if you do like this then your video will never gone viral. Before uploading video you have to add some caption . You can do a proper Hashtags research you can write a Catchy Caption.

You only get 100 characters for your TikTok video caption, including some hashtags, emoji and mention etc. And it’s not less having 100 character is too much to make your video viral and getting good engagement. there are lots of things/factors that you have to add in caption to engage your audience think an feel.if your caption are Catchy then they are interested to read your caption properly which give you more audience retantion and it will help to push your video among people’s for you page.

You have to focus these things on your video’s caption :

i. catchy caption

You can use emoji like cry, sad, funny and fire.

You can put the Quotes.

You can add description about your video

ii. use hashtags

You can use different hastag which is in trending nowadays.

Iii. Use Trending Music

Some sounds and songs are trending on TikTok every day. If you want good views on your video you can make video on that sound or music.


Thanks for reading this article. Hope you like this article if you have any questions regarding this article you can drop your feedback in comment section.

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