how to generate passive income in students Life | 5 ways of passive income

Nowadays, Everyone want to earn money online. Everyone’s dream have to earn good amount of money but they don’t know how to earn money. If you are a student then definitely you may think about how to earn money or how to earn money for pocket spend. Mainly I’m writing this article to targeting the students. Lot’s of people are still confused that can we earn money online or it is possible to earn money online. Then brother it’s not the time to think it’s the time to do something.

Many of my brothers earn good amount of money in their student life. One thing if you are interested to earn money then no one can stop you and You can earn. only the things needed in yourself is consistency and patience. There are many ways where people are earning Good amount of money some started YouTube, some started Instagram, some started Facebook, some started website to earn money.

Can we generate passive income ?

It is one of the worst question which is in people’s mind that is can we generate passive income or it is possible to earn money. Bro, it’s 100% truth you can easily earn good amount of money as your passive income. Generating passive income is not a big things we can easily earn but you have some ideas or you have to know some ways that how to Earn.

Is It Real Or Fake ?

There are lots of App where you can earn money through that. Many peoples have doubt that it is real or fake. Nothing is fake the think inside in your is fake. If you don’t use anything you don’t know it is fake or real

In this article I’ll tell you som app or some tools from where you can also earn Good amount of money easily and you don’t have to do any heavy task or anything. If you don’t know how to earn then read this article seriously.

what to do for Earn passive income

I know many people have this question. Yes it’s a legit question if you want to earn or if you are interested to earn then you should have to know that what to do for the passive income. People are doing great job and they are just working as a labor but still they are not able to earn more money. But if you know some Ways to generate passive income then your earning will never stop you can just increase your earning day by day.

5 Best Ways To Generate Passive income

The main things is here that is “what are the Ways or tools to generate passive income” actually, there are lots of Ways from where you can easily generate passive income but in this article I’ll describe all these ways with you to know how it is work or how to earn.



3. Instagram

4. Youtube

5. Facebook

6. Website


It is one the best website wher you can Earn money easily. You can generate your passive income through this website. It is an investing application where you can invest your money to generate More Money. You can work here in $


Simply, you have to enter in this website. After entering in the website then you’ll see Lots of options.


Now you will see there is an option of get app so just clicked on it and start installing the application.


After installing the application, this application need your number so simply you have to put your number in this application.


After putting the number yoh have fill all your details like name Address etc.


Now you can invest minimum 1$ in this application to generate more money.


I was already told you about the website. The second Ways to earn passive income is acorns is an investing app where you can earn good amount of by investment. The good things of this website is when you sign up first time in this website then you will $10 bonus. So let’s know how to use This Website.


First of all, you have to go in website. After enter in that website. You will get lot’s of options but one option you will see is get app. So, just clicked on it and start installing the application.


No you can check your dashboard then you’ll see you got 10$ as a sign-in bonus.


Now you will see there is an option of invest. Simply you have to click on it and then you can Start your investment through this application.

3. Instagram

Nowadays, Instagram have it’s own craze. People are earning good amount of money through Instagram if you don’t how to earn them read this section carefully

I. Create A Page

First of all you have to create a page. Lots of people will confused how to create page it’s just like creating an account. Like you create your personal account same page account is also same like that

Ii. Choose A Niche

Before posting any photo or videos on Instagram. You have to choose a niche. You can choose niche According to your interest. If you are interested to make post Related to fact or motivation or etc you can create it.

Iii. Upload Unik Post

Try to upload unik post regularly. If you want to make good amount of followers on your page you should have to be consistent.

Ways to earn money through Instagram

There are lots of ways to earn money from Instagram. But the 3 easy ways i tell you to earn money that is :


If you have a good amount of followers on your page you can easily get sponsorship where you have to promote someone’s products and you can charge them According to your post engagement.


If you have more than 100k to 1 million followers on your instagram account then you can do affiliate marketing. You can do this by posting link in your bio or you can put swipe up button.


If you have more followers on your Instagram account and you want to earn money then you can earn by promotion. Promotion simply means, you have to promote other’s Instagram id in your bio or in your story.

4. YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest platform on social media. Nowadays, YouTube have billions of download and billions of active user. If you have any skills then you can earn money by creating an YouTube channel. Some Ways to earn money from YouTube.


First of all, you have to open YouTube application then you have to create an account and it’s easy to create an account. You can learn through video which are provided on YouTube.


After creating the account, you should have to decide on which niche you want to work. If you are interested in tech you can choose tech category. if you are interested in Comedy you can choose comedy category.


Always maintain consistency on YouTube. You should have to upload regular video on this platform.

Ways to earn money through YouTube

There are Lots of Ways to earn money through YouTube and that is super Chat, merchandise, etc. The two main ways to earn money through YouTube are :


You can earn money through YouTube by adding your monetized channel in adsense.


If you have good amount of subscriber on your channel then you can easily get sponsorship where If you make Video on any Products or application. You can charge for that video.


Thanks for reading this article. Hope you definitely like this and if you have any questions regarding this article then please drop a comment.

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