How Facebook Algorithm Works In 2022 | 15 Facts About Facebook

Facebook is one of the Biggest Platform On Social Media. According to the report of 2021, Facebook have almost 2.6 billion potential customers. When mark was in Harvard he created a website help the customer. Mark Zuckerberg’s First Idea and it Was a Site Called Facemash.


Facebook was the first connecting platform which have more than 5 billion download. According to Wikipedia, in 2022 1.69 billion people are using Facebook. 23% people are using Facebook under 18 to 25 age. One fact that, Facebook have more than 10 million advertisers who promote their products.

According to the report, The largest population on Facebook is from India and second is USA with over 320 million users and 190 million respectively. As of January 2021, of more than 56.6 percent & 43.4 percent Facebook’s audience was male and female.

In this article we’ll learn how Facebook algorithm works in 2022. We will also talk some facts about Facebook that may be you don’t know about Facebook. Some facts and it’s user interface and many more things are described below.

Some Facts About Facebook

1. Facebook Was Facemash

When Zuckerberg was in Harvard university, he had a idea to create a site to identify user’s face.

2. Zuckerberg’s Second Idea Was online student

He make the Facebook for other Harvard students. And people can talk each other easily.

3. Facebook’s beginning Years Were Rough

In the beginning, Facebook was going rough and they have some loss also. But after that, he make th Facebook good user interface.

4. Third most popular platform was Facebook

It is one of the most popular platform after YouTube and Google

5. 71% Of Americans Use Facebook

According to the data of Facebook, 71% American use Facebook which is high. Only 38% and 23% of American citizen use Instagram and Twitter respectively.

6. More Woman Than Man

According to the report of Facebook, there are more woman using Facebook rather than man

7. Uploaded More Than 250 Billion Photos

According to Wikipedia, more than 350 million photos are uploaded on Facebook every day. Which is such a great number.

8. India Has Highest Number Of Users

More than 260 million people are using Facebook only in India. Facebook have highest user from India.

9. Facebook Using From Mobile

98% of people using Facebook from their smart phone and only 2% of people using Facebook through different device like laptop, desktop, etc.

10. More Active Time

People are more active on Facebook on 8:00 am and 20pm.

11. People Uses Facebook Daily

according to Pew Research, 51% people visit Facebook once a day.

12. Popular For Marketer

81% of people using Facebook for Promoting their products.

13. Option of Find your spending time on Facebook

14. Why People Create Facebook Account

88% of people are using Facebook to connect with their friends and relatives.

15. Only 50% People Are Using English

According to the report, only 50% of people are using English language out of 100%

What Is Facebook Algorithm ?

Algorithm means the platform’s way works on social media. Actually, Facebook Algorithm means the platform’s way of deciding which posts or video should have to push in users’ feeds, and when those engaged with the posts.

the Facebook algorithm check every post. First it score the post score and it’s engagement rate then Facebook boost or push the post to others user. Facebook algorithm works on different factors.

We don’t know all the factor of Facebook algorithm. But, according to my experience if your post have more react then there is high chance to make your post viral and if you have video and if the video got more audience retantion then there is high chance to be your Facebook video viral.

How Facebook Algorithm Works?

Actually, Facebook Algorithm Works on various factors. If we talk whole Algorithm of Facebook then it’s hard to define. So in this article we’ll talk about only 6 basic point and they are:


if you see any Post and if you react on the post then Facebook algorithm will think that this post is good that’s why people are engaging more.


There are lots of content available on Facebook. Many Types of video are available on Facebook such as tech, unboxing, Comedy, funny, new, etc. It’s all depends upon your interest. Everyone have their own interest if you are interested in Comedy videos you can watch but.

But the algorithm works on this “If you watched more Comedy videos then Facebook algorithm push more comedy videos in your feed. This is because Facebook know the interest of people. Facebook algorithm push the audience’s interest related video in their feed.


If any post gor more engagement and high react then the post have high to be viral.


According to Every video platform either it is TikTok or YouTube every social media have one same algorithm that is Audience Retantion. On TikTok or YouTube if your video got more audience retantion then there is chance to make your video viral. In Facebook also if you want to make your Facebook video viral then you have to upload quality content that grab the viewer’s retantion.


Everyday something is trending on social media. You can find trending content from TikTok or YouTube. Trending content helps to boost and push your video among more people. It helps to make your video viral and it helps to give more views and followers on your account. Do always try to Focus on trending content.


If you have some ideas about hastags then you definitely understand the work of hastags. Some hashtags are trending day by day on social media. If you are following trending hashtag then it also helps you to gain more reach and engagement on your video.


Hope you read this article. If you read this article seriously then hope you definitely learned something. If you understand the points which i described above then definitely you can also know how Facebook algorithm works.

Again, Thanks for reading this article if you have any questions regarding this article. Then, please drop your feedback or problem in comment section. I’ll reply you as soon as possible.

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