How To Do Proper SEO of Your YouTube Videos | Complete Guide

Nowadays, YouTube have more than 10 billion download and the total active users of YouTube have more than 2 billion. You also well known about that YouTube changed many people’s life. Lots of people become millionaire from YouTube. Those person have hard to survive nowadays he earn millions of dollars per annum from YouTube. You can just imagine. YouTube help people to earn money online. YouTube is one of the best source of income.


According to the data of Wikipedia, YouTube have 10 billion+ download and the total active users of YouTube is also more than 2 billion. As the report of 2022, there are more than 51 millions YouTube channels on YouTube. The number of channels was growing strong: last year it grew by 37%. According to YouTube, people all over the world are Uploading 500 hours of video every minute.

Bruh, its not time to think it’s time to do Something. We afraid from spending/investing money in online but YouTube is one of the platform on social media which doesn’t need any cost it’s only take your creativity and time. YouTube is totally free of cost.

You can make millions of dollars From YouTube without any Spend. If you want to achieve something and you want to live your life standard then you have to start the YouTube journey.

If you want to start YouTube but you don’t know anything about YouTube SEO then Read this article, if you read this article seriously, then definitely You will know something great About YouTube SEO & then you can also do a proper SEO of Your YouTube Videos.

To become a YouTuber First of all, you have to know how YouTube algorithm works or how can we boost our YouTube video. So let’s get it……

Is YouTube Free Of Cost ?

Almost all the social media platform are free to use and YouTube is also one of them. If you Have some Skill and if you have a passion to do something on YouTube then this is the best place for you to spread your knowledge and skill. If you have a dream to become a celebrity and want to gain some fan following on social media.

Then, you have to go through YouTube because it’s a free and A good social media for people. Now, Lots of people will think that How Every social media are free? But Blogs are not free. Then, listen If you want to run a website or want to be a blogger then you can start your blog from blogger i.e which is totally free.

How To Do SEO of Video

Actually every social media’ SEO works on different factor same like that YouTube have also a deep and different policy of SEO. But I’ll share my experience towards you that ” how to do a proper SEO” lot’s of factors and things that you have to do for A proper seo. You have to focus on Video, Audio, Content, Category and many more things. There are many factors that YouTube works But in this article you will get 3 Massive points to Do a proper SEO of your Videos.

Improve Quality Of Video

For improving the quality of your YouTube videos. You have to focus on many different things. There are many editing tools too many factors of Editing YouTube video. If you want to improve your video editing then Focus on these 5 points. These Points will definitely help you to improve your video editing.

• Use N.C.V & Music

• Use Stickers & Emoji

• Use A Good Transaction

• Use A Good Template

• Use Some Trending and viral Memes


Lots of website provide free Non Copyrighted Video & music. You can use that video Without any cost. If you want free non copyright music then check the YouTube channel’s name = Non Copyright Video. Id you want free non copyright video then go through various website like pixel, pixabay, vidzeey, videvo and many more website provide free Video.

Make A Catchy Thumbnail

Thumbnail is the first and front things which determine that your video will be viral or not. Yiu should have to use some things or factors which help to make your video viral.

I. Use Face Reaction

If you have a reaction channel or you have a video like some facts then you can use face reaction. Face reaction help to Encourage audience To Click On Your Video.

Ii. Write Bold Text

Lots of people are making silly mistakes, even you can see the photos also Below. People are making mistake to use font. If you want high Click Through Rate on your thumbnail then you have to add bold font to grab the audience eyes to click on your thumbnail.

Write A Catchy Title

Lot’s of YouTubers making mistake to write their title. Some people are use Title like “how to increase YouTube subscribers” which is a normal title and if i write same Title like this “How to INCREASE YouTube Subscribers” tell me which Title grab audience. Definitely title number 2 . Because this title have different small and Alphabet Font.

You can use Numbers, Symbol to grab the audience. You can write Title like “how to get instagram followers in 2022” the date grab the audience which is in form of numbers.

Try To Mention Other Youtuber. If your channel is new and you want more views on your video then you can mention the other creators. Which is Related to your channel category. This will help you to get more views on your video.


Hope you read this article. If you read this article seriously then I think you learned something definitely. If you understand the points which i described below then definitely you can also grow your YouTube though my article.

If you want to know the algorithm of Tiktok And YouTube then click on blue Text to read the algorithm. If you read this article carefully then it’s not enough if you want to see the Proof or results then apply it on your video. It help helps you a lot.THANKS for reading this article

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